• Address São Paulo, Brazil
  • Email contato@thosoconsultoria.com.br
  • Phone + 55 (11) 2450-7422


The greatest satisfaction of Thoso is linked to the growth of our client!

Thoso Consulting aims to work in business management focusing on Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. The company came up with the objective of supporting the companies in these segments at a critical moment of the Brazilian economy, and for that, we are committed to providing our customers alternatives for the healthy and efficient management of their business.

Our philosophy places the utmost importance on dealing with the business of our customer and it will be a privilege to assist the entrepreneur or manager to find the best solution for the development of your business, providing a complete and integrated solution, working in different areas and mainly focusing on the profitability and longevity of the business, working in a triad involving the Customer, Thoso, and Business Partners.

Through its extensive network of high-level contacts and partnerships with other consulting firms, law firms and auditors, we are able to help companies structure themselves on different growth and / or crisis scenarios.